Palliative Care

The overall goal of our Palliative Care Program is to enhance quality of life for residents and families by ensuring staff have the right knowledge to address the physical, psychological, social and spiritual issues at end of life.

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We believe every resident admitted to our homes is defined as palliative. At time of admission, the resident has been in the community and their struggle with managing multiple chronic conditions have taken a toll on them and the caregiver.

Generally palliative care:

  • Begins when a resident has a chronic illness (illness that can't be cured)
  • Emphasizes quality of life of the resident and symptom control
  • Requires an interdisciplinary approach (nursing, doctor, physio, dietary)
  • Focuses on resident centered care and holistic care.

End of life is the final stage of the palliative approach. It is considered to be the final stage of the journey of life.

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