She may have been crowned Queen for a day at the annual Strawberry Social on June 22 but Gwynn Williams has an even greater responsibility handed to her as Caressant Care Courtland's new President of Residents' Council.

Gwynn was born April 8th 1926 in the town of Port Burwell Ontario. She grew-up in the lovely lakeside area known for fishing and boating.

Gwynn married Frank Williams in 1945. Together, they had 2 daughters, followed by 6 grandchildren. The couple were married for 44 years.

Gwynn's husband was an avid Commercial fisherman, in the area. Gwynn was taught by her husband to clean fish at the age of 30. Gwynn and her husband started selling fish in the Port Burwell area in 1945 and owed a boat named the "G&F". You can still find that boat floating today in Lake Huron at Bayfield. Gwynn’s husband would do the fishing and Gwynn would do the cleaning and selling of the fish. Gwynne cleaned fish for 40 years before retiring in 1986. Gwynn Williams received an award by Bayham. It was the "Bayham Senior of the year" award.

Gwynn has done a great deal of work with the Trinity Ladies' Guild also belongs to the horticultural society and is a Volunteer with the museum.

Gwynn moved to Caressant Care Courtland in 2017 where she enjoys playing bingo, cards, and board games. She also enjoys attending musical entertainment, most religious services and bus trips.

She has been a lovely addition to Courtland Caressant Care and has made a few new friends while reconnecting with old friends from her past.

As the Resident Council President, Gwen is the voice of her fellow residents making sure their concerns are heard and addressed.

We wish Gwen all the best in her new role.

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