Elderly woman wearing a cobalt blue top and glasses smiling

Vera Thompson, born January 24, 1918, Celebrates her 102nd Birthday today. She was 1 of 7 children growing, up, her father a wonderful man and her mother very loving. She grew up 6 miles outside of Listowel, ON.

She was married at 18 years old, and thought herself to know it all at that time, she says with a laugh. They lived just outside of Listowel.

They had two sons. Vera suffered some damaging complications during a third pregnancy that ended in miscarriage. Afterwards, they adopted a daughter.

She has seen tragedy in her life, but thinks it's important to focus on the good and take one day at a time. They lost their eldest son when he was only 17, to a train accident, and she morns him still.

She was a farmer, homemaker, and also worked in a green house, a high school cafeteria, and in a chiropractors office.

The secret to a happy 102 years, is to live one day at a time, enjoy the blessing you are given.

Thank you, Vera for being a blessing and inspiration to all of us.

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