Elderly woman in pin strip blue long sleeve smiling with arms crossed

Joan Latchford loves volunteering because the experience helps her get through the hurt of losing her partner who passed away in 2014 and was a resident in the nursing home.

"After I lost him, I wanted to do something rather than sit at home and I knew I didn't want to do a paying job so I thought why not try volunteering. I have been volunteering at the Lindsay home for the past five years and I love it! Volunteering fills up your heart and is a good thing to do."

Whether it is taking residents to lunch or activities or paying them a visit she is the consummate listener who relishes the interesting stories she hears. And she has a mischievous side that lets her goof around and make people laugh. She's a hugger too.

"People living in long term care don't always have families that visit them or visit them enough so I like to give people a hug and a kiss on the forehead to remind them that they are loved. They are all my extended family and I just love them."

Joan also has a lot of love for the staff at the home. "They are a great bunch and they really work hard."

Most weeks Joan is at the home on average two to three days but is always willing to come in when she is needed.

"Volunteering really isn't hard to do because when you have love in your heart, helping others comes easy."

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