David knows whiskey. Actually, he knows really good whiskey because he was born in Rothes, Scotland where, according to David, they make the best whiskey.

Rothes is a small town located in Moray and lies along the banks of the river Spey. Like most towns in Scotland, it is centuries old established around 600 AD. And like many towns and settlements Rothes has its own castle.

David grew up on a farm and worked in farming until he was a young man. But for David, the history and beauty of his homeland was not enough to counter the Harsh economy of years ago when the union movement was strong forcing many industries to leave the country. "I was 22 when I first came to Canada. There was no work in Scotland so many folks had to leave and Canada was certainly a preferred destination," says David, who is now in his 81st year.

David settled in Milton, Ontario where he began a career as a long- haul truck driver. He drove for Robin Hood Flour for many years and never had an accident. He married and together they had three children. He now has two grandchildren and two great grandchildren.

David retired from working for the Town of Milton where he built roads working in heavy machinery.

He has been living at Caressant Care Lindsay retirement Home for close to two years now and enjoys it.

"You couldn't wish for better staff. They treat you well here."

David likes to keep busy and often helps with activities. He is also president of the Resident's Council acting as the voice of his fellow residents along with fellow resident Betty Hurd.

David has a restless soul and misses being able to do the work he enjoyed doing for so many years. He wishes he could help maintenance staff cut the grass out front.

"I'm proud of my home and always want it to look its best so people can see how nice it is here."

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