Personal support worker interlocking arms with an elderly man

Ellie began her health care career in a retirement home. But after she finished school she got a job as a nursing assistant for a long term care home in Guelph where she was born and raised. So, she understands the unique differences.

"I think for many people it is a tough transition coming from home or a hospital bed to long term care where they need total care. "We would help people, as best we could, to make that transition. It is a team effort for sure."

Ellie has been at Caressant Care Fergus for three years but she began her journey working in retirement living more than 30 years ago.

"While going to school I started a part-time job in a retirement home doing laundry and working in the kitchen doing split shifts before and after school. That's where I started."

As Guest Attendant, Ellie helps residents with activities of daily living including bathing, toileting and just being someone residents can count on each and every day.

When not caring for her residents, you can find Ellie spending quality time with her Australian Shepherd Charlie and her four grandchildren.

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