Meet Liz Graham -Fergus Retirement Home

Liz is a retired nurse whose mother was in the Fergus Retirement Home five years ago before being transferred to the nursing home. It was her mother's positive experience in the retirement home that inspired her to become a volunteer.

"She had such wonderful care and everyone was so welcoming and friendly," Liz recalls. "They really cared about my mother and worried if she didn't have her oxygen with her or hadn't come down to breakfast. I wanted to give something back so for the last four years now I have been volunteering at the retirement home and I just love it."

Liz has become a favourite among the residents and the staff, like activity coordinator Donna Michalek. "She's awesome! Liz is very personable and creative. All the residents love her."

Liz volunteers every Tuesday morning but will also come in when needed. The highlight of Liz's visit is playing a word jumble game. With an easel and markers Liz engages the residents in brain-teasing fun trying to put the words together to make a phrase. And when she's not hosting games, Liz finds time to visit residents who otherwise may not receive many visitors.

Like so many volunteers, Liz feels it is important to appreciate our elderly and this is something she has instilled in her two granddaughters who sometimes accompany her on visits to the retirement home.

Her granddaughters enjoy the visits and so do the residents. Liz reminds us all that "it is important for us to give because giving creates receiving."

Thanks Liz for all you do for our residents.

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