Louis risked his life to come to Canada back in 1961 from his home of what was then known as Yugoslavia.

After the end of World War II, Marshal Josip Broz Tito led the succession from the Soviet Union building his own form of socialism for Yugoslavia. Rising tensions between Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union led to Tito's decision to begin a large scale repression against any real or alleged opponent of his own view of Yugoslavia. As a result, thousands of people were either killed or sent to forced labour camps. The economy crumbled and the country was in a state of chaos.

"I was a young man on my own and the economy was very bad, there were no jobs, people were starving so I made my way through the danger zone to get to safety - to get to Canada. People were shooting at you, many people hid and were just surviving," Louis recalls.

He finally made his way to Lindsay, Ontario in 1970 where he has lived ever since.

"I got into the aluminum business doing siding for homes and then general construction," he says.

In later years, he built his own restaurant that he owned and operated for many years.

Today, at 82 years young, Louis enjoys a quieter pace. He has been at the Lindsay Nursing Home for about a year.

"I was having too many falls and was bed-ridden at home for two years before coming here. I couldn't walk or do anything for myself."

But now Louis is doing much better. "I can walk a bit and do my exercises everyday to keep strong. I have seen big improvements since coming here. I really couldn't ask for more the staff treat me very well."

The only regret Louis has is that he misses the work he used to do.

"I love working with my hands; building things. I miss that."

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