Lucy was born and raised in St. Anthony Newfoundland. And although she moved to Ontario some years ago to be with her children, in many ways she never left the land of icebergs and unimaginable beauty.

"When I got married we moved to Dover Newfoundland right on the water so we would see icebergs in the harbour and watch the whales. But to us, it was no big deal. That is what we grew up with", she says.

Lucy spent 10 years as an elementary school teacher in Dover while raising her three children. As time passed, her children grew up and moved away. Then, sadly, her husband and best friend passed away in 2005. It still pains her to talk about him. Her room has pictures of the two of them together in happier times and they bring her comfort.

She wanted to be closer to her children so she moved from her house by the sea to Little Britain Ontario and then to Lindsay. She began to lose her balance and experience falls. She and her children realized she shouldn't be alone and she came to McLaughlin a year ago. She has been working with the physiotherapy team to regain her balance and she is pleased to say she has been making some progress.

When she's not working on her physio exercises, Lucy is an avid facebook poster using her iPad so she can keep up with what's happening with her children and her two grandsons. She also loves chatting with her friend and roommate Ellen who never tires of hearing about Lucy's home in Newfoundland.

A fun fact Lucy shared is that there are no skunks in Newfoundland. But there are plenty of icebergs and she loves to scroll through facebook and look at all the pictures of them posted by people - some she knows and others she doesn't.

She points to a picture and smiles "This is an iceberg from Twillingate Newfoundland, also known as iceberg alley."

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