For Marilyn Mutch, life is nothing short of an adventure. And she has lived her adventure well.

The Toronto native began her working life as a typist after graduating high school working for the O'Keefe Centre, now called Meridian Hall, a major performing arts venue in Toronto.

"I really liked working for the O'Keefe Centre it was very interesting," she says of all the various world class entertainers who graced the O'Keefe stage back in the 70s.

But in 1975, she left her job and decided to go back packing for a year in Europe with a roommate.

"We left Toronto by ship and sailed to Belgium. We visited all the Northern European countries living on only $5 a day. It was such a great adventure ands something I had always wanted to do. My mother was not overly happy about me going on my own for so long but I wouldn't have missed it for the world. I met so many people."

On returning home, Marilyn found some temporary work. Then at age 30, she got the travel bug again and decided to go visit a friend she had met while in Europe who lived in Australia.

"I went by ship and it took about nine weeks to get there. I stayed with my friend I had met in Europe and spent about a year there. We also visited New Zealand. It was wonderful."

Wanting to do something different in her life, Marilyn went back to school while in her 50s and became a PSW.

"I mainly provided home care working for an agency after getting my PSW certification. I really like helping people so this was a great job for me. I did this work until I retired at age 63."

Marilyn enjoys her days at the home sharing her stories of adventure. "They treat me well here. The staff are really great," she says.

Thank you, Marilyn for sharing your inspiring stories.

Image of Marilyn

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