For 26 years, Melinda Weber has been helping residents at our Harriston Nursing Home enjoy a better quality of life. A PSW by training, she received her resident Care Ticket in 2004 and was instrumental in implementing the Restorative Care Program at the home and also pushed for a no lift policy for PSWs.

"I had a back injury and so I really pushed to implement a no-lift policy at Harriston that remains in effect today. It is safer for staff and for residents using a mechanical lifting device and having two PSWs perform the lift."

Born and raised in St. Catherine's, Ontario, Melinda got married and 29 years ago moved to Palmerston, near Harriston. She has two children and while raising them took courses on restorative care. She now trains other staff in the program and is very proud of the positive results the program has had over the years.

"We have had three residents return home because we were able to help them through the restorative care program that helps people with mobility issues regain their health and improves their quality of life," she says.

Both of her children were married this year and Melinda is looking forward to someday enjoying time with grandkids. But for now, she is content to continue helping her residents to live better.

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