Sandy comes to visit her dad, Robert, as often as she can. She enjoys her visits and is so appreciative of the care her dad receives at Mclaughlin Road Nursing Home.

"They really do provide fabulous care here. They make dad laugh and he makes them laugh too so it's a very warm and friendly environment for him."

Married for 35 years with three children and now three grand children, Sandy leads a busy life. She was born in Port Perry but raised in Uxbridge where the family moved after spending five years in Wasaga Beach. Robert had started his own plumbing business there. He then built a successful plumbing business in Uxbridge where the family lived for more than 30 years. Sandy has one older brother.

When not chasing after children, Sandy found time to do retail work selling Avon and Tupper Wear.

Now that her kids are grown, she is enjoying time with grandchildren and hanging out with dad.

"He likes to join in the activities they have here. And he really likes the variety of meal options. He is well taken care of so it is one less thing for me to worry about."

She still smiles when she thinks about her mum and dad' first date back in 1950 on a cold January. "When she saw him, she knew that was the man she wanted to be with. I think that's why she didn't want to get out of that car until he kissed her. It's such a great story I will remember forever."

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