Fate can be an amazing thing. Vern and Suzanne were born in different provinces, but they were born on the same day in the same year: December 19, 1933. Vern was born in Toronto and Suzanne was born in Montreal. A blind date in Toronto brought them together and they have remained together ever since.

"Our first date," Vern recalls, "was with some friends who introduced us. Well we hit it off and the next day we had our first solo date. We were married in December 1951"

Vern and Suzanne built a life together raising four children. From manufacturing window panes to being a truck driver Vern enjoyed doing different jobs and learning new trades. But it was truck driving that he stayed with most and that meant a lot of moving around to go where the work was.

The family enjoyed summer camping trips in the Kawartha Lakes area and they fell in love with the region. When it came time to retire in 1994, Vern and Suzanne knew where they wanted to live and so settled in the Lindsay area.

Suzanne was diagnosed with Alzheimer's and eventually came to live at McLaughlin Road where she has been a resident for the past two years. Not wanting to be separated for too long, Vern made the decision to sell their home and move in to McLaughlin Road to be with his Suzanne.

"She has good days and bad, he says. "We like to do puzzles together."

Vern and Suzanne posing for photo

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