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Tom Eyers Volunteer

Celebrating National Volunteer Week

When his parents passed away last year within weeks of each other, Tom Eyers, 64, began to miss his visits to the nursing home and decided he would like to come back and visit residents because he knew firsthand how important those visits were to his father who suddenly found himself a widower.

"Dad had a couple of gentlemen volunteers who regularly came to visit him and he really enjoyed the visits so that inspired me to come in and visit with a few of the older guys in the home. Then, a staff person at the home suggested I would be a great volunteer. I wasn't sure at first that I would like it but then I really enjoyed the visits so last September I became a volunteer and truly love it."

Tom visits the home two to three times a week depending on what's happening such as birthday parties or music events. He likes to help out.

But it's the visits with the men and ladies at the home that really clicks with the 64 year old retired GM worker. "I worked at GM for 31 years building cars, now I am a volunteer at a nursing home. I get so much out of it and it is so good to talk to the guys and gals here. I get a lot out of it."

Recently, Tom started a men's club at the home. "We get together once a month and just have guy chats. I think it's important for them to have someone like me to talk to them. A few were shy at first but they have really come around. This spring, I hope to be able to get them to do some planting."

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