Welcome Back general visitors

We are pleased to welcome back general visitors to our Long-Term Care Homes. Effective Saturday, May 22, general visits outdoors will be permitted.

The following guidance has been provided by the Ministry of Long Term Care:

  • Maximum of two general visitors at a time per Resident in addition to essential caregiver(s).
  • Children under the age of two years do not count towards the general visitor maximum.
  • General visitors need to be actively screened upon arrival and should not proceed beyond entry points / areas in Homes.
  • General visitors do not need to undergo a rapid antigen test as their visit will be outdoors.
  • General visitors need to maintain physical distancing and wear masks and every effort should be made to ensure different groups of visitors are also physically distanced. Close contact is only permitted by fully vaccinated essential caregivers and their fully vaccinated Residents.
  • If the Home is in outbreak, general visitors are permitted as long as the Resident is not residing in an affected Home area and/or is not isolating under Droplet/Contact precautions.
  • General visitors should schedule their outdoor visits ahead of time, the site will determine how this process should take place.
  • General visitors will need to be actively screened.
  • The visits need to maintain social distancing between the visitors and their loved ones as well as other groups of visitors, masks or face covering are required for visitors and should be offered to Residents. Visitors can wear their own mask for the visit – if they forget, please offer them one from the site.
  • Pets are not permitted for visiting at this time.

  • Resident’s do not need to seek approval from the Home to go out on a short term absence
  • Residents going on a short team absence should be provided with a mask and reminded to comply with routine public health measures including masking, physical distancing, hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette.
  • Residents will need to be actively screened when re-entering the building by the screener.

To schedule your visit, please contact your Long-Term Care Home for details.

Don't forget the sunscreen. 

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