Caressant Care Arthur

August 2, 2022

Today, Public Health has declared our COVID outbreak over! Under Public Health guidelines, 7 residents on Balsam wing will be required to remain on isolation for the duration of their own isolation periods. It is with great appreciation, I would like to extend gratitude to our staff and residents for being diligent with their infection prevention and control practices, fighting the spread of COVID 19. Public Health made comment this morning of how well Caressant Care Arthur managed the outbreak. Regular dining and programming and visiting will resume this afternoon.

Thank you,

The Arthur Team

July 27, 2022 Update

Our Team at Caressant Care Arthur is strong and compassionately caring for your loved ones each and every day. We support each other and are committed to seeing the last of COVID in our Home.

Our total positive cases for residents is 19 and 1 staff member. All positive cases reside down Balsam wing, and we have been successful in isolating the spread to other Home areas. All resident families have been contacted and are being kept up to date on the wellbeing of their loved one.

Today, we are happy to report none of our residents are exhibiting COVID symptoms and anticipate the outbreak to be resolved by mid next week.

Essential Care Providers are welcome in the Home. General visitors are encouraged to book virtual visits through our Activities Department.

I want to take the opportunity to thank you for your patience and understanding.

Lindsay Ross, Executive Director

July 25, 2022 Update

Today, we report a total of 13 COVID positive residents and 1 staff case to date. Residents who are COVID positive exhibit mild symptoms which may include a cough and or runny nose.

Essential Care Providers are welcome in the Home. General visitors are encouraged to book virtual visits through our Activities Department.

We are thankful to have dedicated, caring staff to ensuring your loved ones needs are being met.

Please call the Home directly for an update and stay safe!

The Arthur Team

July 22, 2022 Update

With the increase in both community and Home COVID cases, we would like to request all general visits to the Home be postponed until further notice. If you have a scheduled visit this week, please contact the Home for further information. Essential Care Providers are welcomed to provide care services to their loved ones. All persons in the Home are required to be screened and rapid tested at the entrance of the Home. Medical masks and other personal protective equipment will be provided and required to be worn at all times.

We will continue to update you on the status of the outbreak and as always, please call the Home if you have questions or would like an update.

Thank you

The Arthur Team

July 21, 2022 Update

Today, we report 10 total resident cases of COVID 19, 9 new cases today. All resident who are positive for COVID are residing on our isolated Balsam Home Area. Those presenting symptoms are described with minor cough and runny noses. Most cases are A-symptomatic Family of residents with COVID or are symptomatic have been contacted and updated accordingly. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call the Home and speak with the Charge Nurse.

Thank you,

More details to follow. Please contact the home prior to visiting.

The Arthur Team

July 20, 2022 Update - COVID OB declared July 20, 2022

9 Residents residing in Balsam Home Area tested positive July 20 with only 1 resident exhibiting symptoms at that time.

Families of positive & symptomatic resident have been notified by our registered staff and will continue to update you of any changes to their conditions.

Balsam Residents have been isolated to their Area with individualized programs & tray service. At this time, visitors of Residents who reside on Balsam Home Area are restricted to Essential Care Providers only and are asked to call in advance to schedule a visit.

Designated Care Staff have been scheduled to Balsam Home Area including a registered nurse 24 hours per day.

With daily increase in COVID community cases, it is imperative we continue with best infection prevention and control practices, keep your distance, wear a mask while in public and wash or sanitize your hands often.

More details to follow. Please contact the home prior to visiting.

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