McLaughlin Road Nursing Home

Project Description

Nursing Home

114 McLaughlin Road
Lindsay, ON  K9V 6L1

2up_McLaughlinOur spectacular Nursing Home was built to the most recent Ministry of Health and Long Term Care standards. The Home has three units on two floors, providing spacious rooms, lounges, dining rooms and activity rooms for each wing. In addition, there is a large main activity room and Chapel on the first floor. An inner courtyard provides safety and security for residents to be outdoors and the second floor has wide balconies for residents to enjoy. The home boasts some uniquely decorated areas such as “The Reminiscing Room” which is filled with interesting items from the past.

Residents have access to hairdressing in the fully equipped beauty salon on the main floor. A physiotherapist and rehab assistants work with residents to maintain or, in many cases, improve their physical abilities. Our staff members are dedicated to the well-being of each resident and often go above and beyond to ensure our home meets their needs. The activity department has developed some innovative programs such as a three day camping trip and the intergenerational program where high school students are paired with residents for activities and companionship.

This 96 bed long term care facility has basic and private accommodations.

To view the Home’s Quality Improvement Plan, please click on the link below:
Lindsay McLaughlin 2016