About Us

A Taste of Dining and Menus

Kitchen staff at our homes prepare three delicious and healthy meals in our on-site kitchens.

We are proud to use only fresh quality ingredients. Most homes also have access to self-serve snacks so residents can refresh with something healthy like a piece of fruit — or indulge a craving with a chocolate bar. Specialty diets (such as diabetic, pureed, etc.) can also be easily accommodated.

Many of our homes also have themed meals throughout the year such as Oktoberfest, Thanksgiving, Hawaiian night and more! Residents often provide input into menus and make suggestions that our kitchen staff try to incorporate. This could mean highlighting different national cuisines or including particular desserts.

Sample Menu


Juice of the Day


Bran Oatmeal
– or –
Special K Cereal

Scrambled Eggs

White or Whole Wheat Toast


Assorted Cold Drinks

Split Pea Soup

BBQ Beef Brisket On Bun
– or –
Chicken Salad Sandwich

Corn With Peppers

Tiramisu Mousse


Assorted Cold Drinks

Cod With Lemon Pepper
– or –
Chicken Salad Sandwich

Potato Fries

California Vegetables

Rice Pudding

Morning Snack

Assorted Cold Drinks

Afternoon Snack

Chocolate Cookie

Evening Snack

Ham Salad Sandwich