Is Retirement Living Right for Me?

Are you an aging adult or the caretaker of one who is thinking about the move to a retirement home? 

You’re not alone! Tens of thousands of seniors throughout Ontario happily live in retirement homes across the province.  

There are 10 Caressant Care Retirement Homes to consider. While their specifics vary, here are four reasons the move could be the ideal choice for you.

1. You love being part of a community

Retirement homes are communal environments! While you’ll have a private space to yourself at the end of the day, a retirement home provides amazing social opportunities. All of our homes regularly organize engaging activities for all residents to enjoy together. 

This is especially helpful if you are hoping to surround yourself with more people of the same age range and with comparable life experiences. On top of that, there will also be daily interactions with the staff directly supporting you. Our staff come from all walks of life and may even introduce you to their family and furry friends, so you can expect to meet new faces quite often.

Another trend on the rise is moving into the same retirement home with your existing group of friends or loved ones.

2. You enjoy having amenities easily accessible and secure

Retirement homes are designed to streamline residents’ living experience to the maximum extent possible. While amenities will look different across each home, they all offer delicious hot meals and snacks throughout the day in the dining room. There’s full-service laundry and all kinds of entertainment. It’s important to assess your needs and consider whether a retirement home would be able to accommodate them better than your family home.

Another perk of living in a retirement home is the security attention. Even in safe neighbourhoods, aging seniors can be more prone to accidents happening around the home while doing everyday tasks. This is why a living space designed to be more accessible and a team of experienced caretakers could put your mind at ease.

3. You have expenses and responsibilities as a homeowner that could be alleviated

According to the 2021 Seniors Housing Survey, the total monthly expense for a $720,000 house is around $4,549.

On top of just expenses, you can also factor in the labour and care required of you as a homeowner. If you are starting to find it more difficult to tend to your garden, clean up, or make your way up the stairs, it may be time to alleviate such responsibilities.

4. You enjoy having and being motivated by a set schedule 

If you’ve been missing the feeling a steady routine, living in a retirement home could bring back some structure.

Residents often enjoy doing activities at the same pace as each other, from starting the day around the same time to dining together. There will also be social activities planned ahead to fill up your calendar. Overall, life at a retirement home can give you something to look forward to regularly, while not spoiling the fun or surprise until it actually comes!

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