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About Us

"Caring Families - Yours and Ours Together"

Caressant Care was founded in 1975 with a 60-bed Nursing Home in Woodstock, Ontario. We now own and operate 15 Nursing Homes and 10 Retirement Homes (which are all adjoined to a Nursing Home).

Caressant Care Nursing and Retirement Homes are located primarily in small towns in Ontario. Many residents are friends, neighbours and even family members of our staff. This small town atmosphere is evident by the care, respect and helpfulness shown by all Caressant Care staff.

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Corporate Values

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  1. The Residents are Caressant Care's primary focus, and their needs, rights, comforts, safety and satisfaction take priority.
  2. Caressant Care promotes the provision of a home-like environment for Residents, emphasizing the personalization of each Resident's area.
  3. Caressant Care believes that the clients we serve, and each other, deserve to be treated with dignity, respect,and consideration, in an abuse free environment ensuring all information is kept private and confidential.
  4. Caressant Care believes strongly in the provision of a safe environment minimizing the risk of harm to Residents, Families, Volunteers and Personnel.
  5. Caressant Care values the support of the communities it serves and encourages each home to be an active member of their community.
  6. Caressant Care values their employees and recognizes that it is the combined effort of all that contributes to a high level of care for our Residents and their overall satisfaction
  7. Caressant Care values excellence in job performance and is committed to the provision of a comprehensive orientation program, on-going training and the provision of opportunities for professional development and research.
  8. Caressant Care values an on-going program of continuing quality improvement to achieve optimal outcomes.
  9. Caressant Care believes in sound fiscal management, to allow for optimum value in the provision of care, through corporate purchasing of supplies and services, as well as to receive a reasonable return on investment.
  10. Caressant Care values the diversity of the clients we serve and will be respectful of all

Corporate Vision

In our communities, Caressant Care will be a leader of quality resident-centered care
meeting our clients' needs and exceeding their expectations.

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